Code: CA0039

Equitheme Sweetitch Hood


This specialist fly hood from Equi-Theme is designed exactly to match the famous Equi-Theme sweet itch rugs. The perfect combination - this hood gives brilliant all round protection to the whole horses head. Made of 100% soft and tightly weaved polyester, this sweet itch hood prevents the smallest of insects and midges from getting through to the horses skin and causing irritation, leaving the horse comfortable. The hood is dense and absorbing, it wicks sweat away from the horse and dries very quickly, making the hood comfortable for horses to wear for long periods of time - rain or shine - perfect for those that live out all summer, whatever the weather brings. The hood also offers great UV protection and prevents damage and also irritation in those horses that are photosensitive or need to reduce their exposure to dangerous UV rays due to pink skin. Particularly the light grey colour is effective at preventing damaging rays from reaching the skin. The hood has cut outs for the eyes that are placed so as not to rub and chafe the horse in this delicate area. The ears are fully incorporated into the hood also to offer full protection there which is particularly where flies bother the horse. The hood extends down the neck slightly so that it goes right underneath the sweet itch rug. This means there are no gaps or seam areas for flies and biting insects to get into the rug.

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