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Fancy Feeds Layers Pellets



Ideal for free-ranging and penned birds alike,

Layers' Pellets are formulated to provide a complete balanced diet for all types of adult and laying poultry, ducks, geese and bantams.

Essential nutrients to promote good health and well-being in the bird as well as supporting egg production.

Quality protein with essential amino acids for tissue and feather production and egg development.

Micronised wheat for carbohydrate energy and fibre.

With Omega 6 fatty acids for egg production and natural plant extracts from marigold and paprika for a golden yolk colour.

Fully balanced with vitamins and minerals.

With Sel-Plex® organic selenium to support the body's antioxidant defence system and immunity as well as egg shell integrity.

Small pellet size makes it ideal for bantams

Medication free, non-GM ingredients

Feeding Recommendations

Fancy Feed Layers’ Pellets can be fed from 18 weeks of age.

As a guide, birds should consume a minimum of 100g/day (larger birds) or 50g – 85g (bantams).

To help ensure birds receive a balanced diet, Layers’ Pellets are best fed ad lib and not mixed with additional grain or mixed corn.

A treat of Fancy Feed Mixed Corn may be fed in the afternoon or evening.

Birds should have access to a source of insoluble grit at all times to aid digestion.

Birds intended for breeding and exhibiting are best fed Fancy Feed Breeder & Show Pellets to meet their higher requirements for certain key nutrients.

Ex-battery hens may also benefit from Fancy Feed Breeder & Show Pellets to "boost" them on arrival.

Layers Pellets

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Wheat, Wheatfeed, Extracted Soya Bean Meal, Calcium Carbonate, Alfalfa Meal, Full Fat Soya, Vitamins & Minerals, Soya Oil, Sel-Plex® Marigold and Paprika extract (Natural Yolk Pigment)


Protein 16%

Oil 3%

Fibre 5%

Ash 12%

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