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Five Star Rockies Lick 5kg

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Five Star Horse Lick from Rockies contains trace elements and herbs needed by horses and ponies. The licks are also more durable and have enhanced palatability from apple flavouring and fenugreek. Five Star can be fed all year round at grass or in the stable and will help keep your horse or pony in excellent condition.

BIOPLEX PROTECTED ZINC - Zinc helps keep feet and coat in excellent condition all year round. Bioplex Zinc is a special protected Zinc, which dramatically improves absorption; making it more immediately available in the animals’ digestive system.

COD LIVER OIL - Cod liver oil helps maintain a healthy coat condition all year round.

IRON- High levels of iron help reduce the incidence of anaemia.

SEAWEED - Seaweed helps improve skin condition. Seaweed typically contains essential minerals and trace elements such as:

Calcium – Aids growth and maintenance of bones.

Magnesium – Essential for enzyme systems and metabolism. It can help in the prevention of nervous conditions.

Sulphur – Aids production of Amino Acids that improves skin and hoof condition.

Phosphorus – Needed with Calcium to help bone structure.

Copper – Helps reduce anaemia.

Manganese – Needed for enzymes and bone formation.

Iodine – Needed by the thyroid which controls basic metabolism

Selenium – Affects muscle development.

Cobalt – Required to produce Vitamin B12 in the gut.


Rosehip Herbs aid respiration.

Fenugreek is considered to be effective as a treatment for chronic coughs and also beneficial for digestion.

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