Code: BA0433

Naf Pro Feet Powder


PROFEET is unique in that it provides nutritional support that targets liver function. A healthy liver is fundamental to healthy hoof growth. Feeding a blend of nutrients to help achieve optimum liver function, will benefit the quality of hoof growth. Biotin is combined with other essential nutrients to work effectively, including a rich sulphur complex of methionine, cysteine and MSM; minerals including calcium and zinc, and a broad spectrum of naturally sourced amino acids and essential fatty acids. PROFEET supplements are a first in equine nutritional support. Developed by veterinary scientists, with the assistance of leading farriers, it offers the most concentrated, fast acting, nutritional support for quality hoof growth. The hoof specific nutrients in PROFEET work in synergy with and the naturally sourced anti-oxidant ingredients in the formula to provide a hoof supplement that out performs all those that came before.

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