Code: BA0417

Premier Equine Bi-Polar Magent Rug



WHY USE MAGNET THERAPY? The following benefits have been reported:

- Improved circulation - Reduced muscle tension - Aids recovery of muscle fatigue - Stimulates tissue oxygen supply - Soothes skeletal aches - Eliminates toxins - Aids cell renewal - Reduces inflammation - Reduces pain - Enhances healing - Alleviates symptoms of arthritis & rheumatism - Stimulates the production of elastin & collagen essential in the development of new cells - Renewal of damaged tissue

• soft breathable mesh rug lined on wither & shoulder area with anti-bacterial nylon lining

• fixed bi-polar magnets (164 in rug & 74 in neck cover) in all the right places by the experience of USA experts

• neck cover lined over mane on both sides with anti-bacterial nylon lining

• use before exercise to warm up muscles

• use after exercise to allow muscles to cool down slowly, but only after horse has returned to normal temperature and dried. Do not use on sweaty horses.

• can increase healing time by up to one third

• enhances circulation & reduces inflammation

• use 30 minutes to 1 hour per day for first week and gradually build up to maximum 4 hours a day after 2 weeks.

• treatments can be split, although through experience we normally find that optimum treatment is between 1 to 4 hours depending on treatment or injury and on the horse itself

• all horses should be tied up whilst being treated with this rug

• remember these cannot be used during exercise, the horse must be at rest with a regular heart rate!

• hand wash only in cool water and mild soap, rinse thoroughly and dry naturally

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